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Health & Immunity Diet Plan during Lockdown

As we all know that "CORONAVIRUS" is declared as a pandemic by WHO. the virus attacks by means of touching, sneezing, coughing, handshake by an infected person, most of the viruses came and go, but it actually hits every one IMMUNITY. The FIRST only safety measure and solution is making a distance and cover your face with a mask and sanitizing hands and washing hands frequently. Secondly, Building up immunity by eating HEALTHY food and VITAMIN C rich and antioxidant boosting diets. People with Metabolic disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension, Cancer, High blood pressure, Asthmatic and small children are at higher risk of this COVID 19 virus attack.

Eat low carb diets, good protein-rich diet and vitamin c with antioxidant-rich diets will help control high blood sugar and pressure. Adding seasonal vegetables and fruits rich in Beta carotene, Ascorbic acid & other essential vitamins is a good option to build immunity. Somehow it is important to take omega 3 rich sources or supplements rich in omega 3.

Nutricure Diet - Couple Plan

While designing the diet plan during the lockdown, we will ensure that the diet should include all the food groups available in your home and you do not step out every time to buy any specific item. Our Indian kitchen has many anti-inflammatory herbs and spices which help in building immunity and help to reduce excess fat & weight (like ginger, gooseberries (amla) and turmeric, star anise, garlic, lemons, cumin seeds, ), etc. We highly advise you to gear up and take a strong step towards investing in your HEALTH & IMMUNITY diet plan to fight COVID 19. Anyone can follow this plan. The plan is not only to focus on losing weight but rather of healthy home-cooked "INDIAN DESI DIET" You May lose 2 kg in a month depending on person to person and medical condition.

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1 Month Plan

₹ 3800 (incl GST)