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Healthy Family Diet Plan

Family is a platform where we can keep a check on children’s and adolescents’ eating behavior. The objectives of family diet planning are to emphasis on diet quality, eating habits, intake of all the major micro and macronutrients, and food-related disorders. Most important is in this family diet planning is that parents will be more focused on the eating habits they are following and they will gain knowledge about the all tiny things about food and nutrition, what to include in not including in their respective children. All will follow the quantified nutrition plan where they can lose weight and children will gain health.

Nutricure Diet by Dt. Kavita Sharma helps the entire family and educate them to follow the diet plan and enjoy eating everything quantified.

Nutricure Diet - Couple Plan

The Plan will include the diet of Parents (can choose any existing diet plan for the other programs ) which includes 2 packs of Detox teas. 2 children diet plan ( age 12 yr to 20 yr), can choose any diet plan from existing programs.

Gifts Lovely Couples from NutriCure Diet
2 Detox Tea's +2 Ball Infuser

1 Month Plan

₹ 3800 (incl GST)