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Lose Weight on this Navratri


“Navaratri” means “nine nights” when Mother Goddess Shakti is worshiped. This festival is observed twice a year, once in the beginning of summer and again at the onset of winter. “Durga,” which means the remover of miseries of life. She is also referred to as “Devi” (Goddess) or “Shakti” (energy or power).Navaratri comes twice a year during the month of March-April and September-October which is the change of season. The body is prone to various diseases, therefore it is advised to take light food or keep fasts. During these nine days people obeserved to be on fasting but the attention is given to feasting and little attention is given to fasting. the so called Vrat ka Khana is full of simple carbohydrates with lots of fried food and packed snacks which comes as aloo bhujia, chips, and differen types of fast wali namkeen. People tend yo gain weight during these nine days by loading un wanted saturated and Trans fats.

But if we do it properly, this nine-days Navratri fast can help you shed those extra kilos along with detoxifying your system thus helps in restart your system, improves nutrition absorption and boost up metabolism

Nutricure Diet - Navratri Special Diet Plan
Read on to find out about a few tips that will help you in healthy fasting and losing weight as well.

1. Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water without brushing your teeth. After that you can take any detox or infuse water or a banana with some soaked nuts.

2. One must have fruits. Raw Fruits bring down your cholesterol as they are rich source of Vit C and has fiber also. Apple, papaya, orange, pear , banana and guava are the ideal fruits.

3.Green leafy vegetables are a must. They provide you with energy along with some essential nutrients like Vitamin A, B and C.

4. Have lots of fluids like juices, shakes, lassi, soups, herbal teas and coconut water. These liquids will not only keep you energised but will also boost your metabolism.

5. Eat wholesome Meal once or twice a day. Keep your plate small which includes Parantha (non fried) with vegetable curd and salad. The flours we used to eat during fasting are Best for Weight loss, we should know how to use it and eat in portion size.

6. You can fulfil your sweet cravings by having jaggery, honey, apple kheer and fruit curd during the day.

7. Avoid deep fried foods specially potatoes during fasting. Eating too much carbs tend to gain weight and leaves your stomach bloated hand heavy, also you can develop water retention.

8. avoid heavy meals on a single go, keep your meals small and wholesome.

9. By following Expert weight loss diet plan during Navratri fasting, you can actually lose a good amount of fat percentage with visible results. if you cannot manage your calories on these days, must follow a diet plan.

10. The fasting may give the best and fastest weight loss if followed as per guidelines given or with an Expert Diet plan.

We are offering 9 days Weight Loss diet plan to lose upto 3 kgs depending on body to body, results may vary person to person.

Follow our 9 days Navratri weight loss diet plan and experience the Difference in 9 days @ rs 700 only.


9 Days + 1 Day Detox

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