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Valentine’s Day Diet Plan

Whether you’ll be sitting starry eyed with your sweetie at a romantic restaurant or venturing out solo in search of true love, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show off your sizzlin’ hot shape. With just four weeks to go, now’s the time to start ramping up your fitness routine and cleaning up your diet so you can slide””not squeeze“”into that sexy red dress

Couple can celebrate weight loss success this Valentine’s Day after using simple diet plan

Nutricure Diet - Couple Plan

On the very first day of your detox diet, be prepared to constraint yourselves to only consuming liquids. It might seem quite impossible but you will feel motivated by the positive results. In the early morning hours, feel free to indulge in green tea or lemon and honey infusions. They will help you in keeping your energy levels up. As the day progresses, you can switch to buttermilk, carrot and beetroot juice, a glass of Nimbu Paani, fresh coconut water and a big bowl of clear soup for dinner. Steer clear of sugar.

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2 Detox Tea's +2 Ball Infuser

1 Month Plan

₹ 3800 (incl GST)