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Dietitian In West Delhi for Weight Loss


Health & Immunity to combat CORONAVIRUS


As we all know that "CORONAVIRUS" is declared as a pandemic by WHO. The virus attacks by means of touching, sneezing, coughing, handshake by an infected person. There are many viruses which attack us every year and mostly came and go and leave little impact on body , but the covid ...


Bajra (pearl millet) Nutritious and heart healthy

Bajra also known as Pearl millet. It is well known millet grown widely in hot areas or in summer. Bajra is kharif season crop best grown in june -july. Bjara is also a summer crop in southern area.


 Bajra is a gluten free millet. Flour made from bajra used widely ...

Why am I not losing weight?

  • I regularly go to gym, still I am not losing weight?
  • I take care of my diet, still I am not losing weight?
  • I visit my dietitian regularly, still I am not losing weight?
  • I do not eat much, still I am not losing weight?

Do you also have similar ...

How to Defeat Coronavirus - The Psychological Way

If you are contemplating on Coronavirus, any other virus or anything in this life. You are definitely attracting it towards you. That’s the law of this universe which is also known as Law of attraction.

Be mindful and maintain hygiene to enjoy health and better lifestyle, Not to avoid ...

Medication to Meditation. All You need to know.

“From MediCation to MediTation. The journey from “C” to “T”: from change to transformation.” – Tarun Sharma

Choice is yours

Why Medication to Meditation?

Let’s say that a person is suffering from depression and understand that how medication will help that person and how meditation will help that person.

Impact ...

About Transform2bliss

Your one stop solution for Mind Body and Soul

Transform2bliss is not about an organisation but a journey of transformation from the present state to the state of bliss.

It is a combination of two different words, where TRANSFORM means “PARIVARTAN” and BLISS means “PARAMANAND”

Whenever a human being is ...

Nutrition and Adolescence

Nutrition in Childhood & Adolescence

Food is essential for the body's day to day function & performance. The food sources provide energy to the body. The food contains substances in the form of NUTRIENTS. If these nutrients are not present in our food in sufficient amount, we used to get ill and low in energy ...


Monsoon Diet

As per Ayurveda, monsoon could be a Vata  aggravated weather
Whereas pitta is accumulated throughout these days, and till winter arrives. On the opposite hand, Kapha is controlled until the amount.
During the season, as per Ayurveda,
When there's a rise within the levels of humidness, the process of fermentation ...

Better Gut Health for Immunity and Digestion

Microbes area unit micro-organisms. therefore you just can’t see them without a microscope! Microbes are the tiniest friends, and enemies, that you simply have! They area unit generally referred to as ‘bugs’ as a result of they will cause issues sort of sickness however they're not all dangerous ...

Myth and Facts

Myths and Facts about DIABETES


1. Diabetes can be caught from others.
2. Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.
3. I will. Get diabetes because I am overweight/obese.
4. People should eat special diabetic foods.
5. If you have diabetes you should not eat rice.


1.No, diabetes ...

Contour Detox Inch Loss Tea

  The  energies play an important role in all metabolic functions. These energies are defined as VATTA, PITTA, KAPHA. Imbalances of these doshas may invite many health issues.  Vatta defines (air  & space) Aggressive mode of vatta may cause gastric issues, cold, etc. Vata is the subtle energy associated with ...


A child who can eat everything without any "nakhraa" especially when it comes to vegetables, means All Green Veggies. But, it generally doesn't happen nowadays. Kids are too smart and too choosy about the meals, snacks when it comes to the taste. It becomes a task for the parents ...


  Panacea (female wellness tea)  
Holisitque Infusion Tea brings Panacea - which means "a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases."  literary term to represent any solution to solve all problems related to a particular issue. Panacea is a unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs used for many years ...