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Couple Plan

Sometimes all the motivation you need to get healthy is right before your very eyes. Working out with a partner is a great way to set fitness goals, but working out with your actual life partner can be the greatest incentive of all. Eating healthy meals and following healthy meal plans not only helps in weight loss or balancing any therapeutic condition but it actually helps and motivate each other to the diet strictly and effectively.

Today most of the husband and wife are working and they hardly get time to sit together and have a good healthy meals. Also with lack of time no one is able to cook 3 to 4 kinds of variety food for individual. So when your are following a diet and healthy workout routine as in together , it becomes very easy to follow the same food and pattern with proper timings. Also it helps couple to stay connected with there goals and may achieve their targeted weight.

Creating a Health & Fitness Plan for Two. Create Your Goals. You will never reach your goals if you don't know what they are. Discuss How You Will Reach Your Goals. Track Your Progress. Go Grocery Shopping Together. Use a Smaller Plate. Share your food. Healthy Meal Prep Together. Bring Your Cultures Together.

Nutricure Diet - Couple Plan

It’s time you considered how physical fitness can benefit not only your own health and well-being, but that your relationship. Why not grab your partner’s hand and invite him or her to be your health and fitness , workout partner as well? Why not grab a weight loss goal or challenge together ? Why not taking a forward steps towards making Healthier and fitter life for long

So here in Nutricure Diet by Dt. Kavita Sharma's clinic we provide "COUPLE FITNESS PLAN", we plan their diets and meals as per there medical condition and present health condition. The Plan is designed in such a way that does not Required extra cooking and not to cook diffrenently for both. As we respect the time and energy of women, we don’t Put any burden of cooking extra all the time. Couple Plan will definitely help women where she doesn’t have to engage herself most of the time in kitchen and easily can follow the almost similar diet pattern as in couple with measured quantity. So don’t wait start your plan today.


1 Month Plan

₹ 3800 (incl GST)

2 Months Plan

₹ 7200 (incl GST)

3 Months Plan

₹ 10200(incl GST)