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Nutricure Diet - Testimonail 2
New Delhi
Im a feeding mother of 6 months baby, I started with the plan to loose post pregnancy weight. The diet plan provided bt Nutricure Diet by Dt.Kavita Sharma was very easy to follow. all are quanitifed complete meals with snack options. They given proper nutritious diet where i didnt feel any weekness and hunger. The diets are home made and filly. Im so happy that I lost amazing 5.5 kg and lots of inche loss. My energy levels are up to the mark. Hearty thanks to you mam.
Nutricure Diet - Testimonail 3
Ritu Virmani
New Delhi
Am really satisfied with the positive change in me with your diet plans. You are really putting a lot of efforts for making us aware about right kind of eating habits. Ur diet plans ,Ur videos of recipes are amazing. I never felt hunger in between the gaps.In 3 months I lost 8 kgs And some inches & I'm Still losing.
Nutricure Diet - Testimonail 4
Ruchi Duggal
New Delhi
Let’s start with day 1, when I met Kavita for consultation for my excess body weight & inches. I was highly depressed with my excess body weight. But yes this was the day 2 months ago I started with support of Kavita & my strong will power. Though initially it was bit difficult but constant reviews of Kavita & her full motivational support I lost 11 kgs in a healthy way. Kavita’s diet plan not only helped me in loosing weight & inches but also improved my skin. My skin got much clear & I got rid of all the acne’s with her diet. There were lots & lots changes in her diet which encouraged to happily follow the same. Kavita ur diet is so nutritious that it gave me gud stamina to do workout. My special thanx Kavita for all your efforts & support to loose weight in a healthy way. Total in 3 months now... i lost 15 kilos and amazing inch loss/Fat loss. weight loss plan started 1st June 2018 i was 69.9kgs and now on 3rd sept 2018 i achieved my targeted weight 55kgs. waist size drop from 38 to 32 inches now.
Nutricure Diet - Testimonail 5
I'm Archana from U.S, was eagerly wanted to lose weight and get my body into shape. I was not sure from where to start and how to manage with eating habbits and lifestyle change. I got to know about Nutricure Diet by Dt. Kavita Sharma through Facebook, i was the results on website, and the services. I started with the Online Diet plans and regular chats with Dt. Kavita, she provides recipes and videos too. I got good results within few weeks and was very happy to see myself back into shape. I lost amazing 10kgs and good inch loss fat loss. I'm very happy to see me slim and active. my energy levels are high and feeling very light. Thanks to Nutricure Diet for all support Overseas.
Nutricure Diet - Testimonail 6
Vikaspuri, Delhi
Hi, m Vinny from vikaspuri, new delhi. I joined Dt. Kavita Sharma in 2015 for my multiple health disorder and wanted to lose weight. After trying so many diets and other things i was not abale to loose alot. As i had astham i was not able to run or do gym. but with proper guidenss and proper healthy diet plan , in 1.5 yr i lost amazing 23 to 24 kgs and the best achievment was i get rid of all my medical condition. I feel more healthy and energetic through out the day, i ran, jog, do gymming regularly. Thanks to NutriCure by. Dt. Kavita Sharma
Nutricure Diet - Testimonail 7
New Delhi
Hi, Im Swati from New delhi, It was a great experience to consult with Dt.Kavita Sharma who hellped me to reduced excess body weight which i gained during pregnancy. I started my pregnancy with 57kgs and ended at 76kgs. During this period i used to eat everything which i wanted and have sweet cravings so i ended up eating loads of choclates and cakes, smoothies, ice- creams. I started the plan after 6 months of my delivery and i was 80kgs .After following proper weight loss plan provided by NutriCure and a regular regime of exercise for 45 mins(as recommended) I lost amazing 23kgs in 4 to 5 months. Now im on a personalised weight management plan by Nutricure & im able to maintain my weight at 53-54 kgs. Im perfectly Fit no weekness, feels healthy with no nutrients deficiency. Would like to cotinue with NutriCure by Dt. Kavita sharma plans.
Nutricure Diet - Testimonail 8
West Delhi
Hi, m Vinay from west delhi, I was living alone and had bad outdoor eating habits because of lack of time. It became my habbit to eat alot fried and high carbohydrate food. But i got serious a month ago to lose weight. Luckily i got the opportunity to connect with The diet plan by Dt. Kavita Sharma helped me to lose amazing 7 kgs in a month as i told her that i need to lose maximum weight in very less time and i can follow any plan any diet. Thanks for giving me and helping me to achieve my health goal with right kind of recommended exercise & physical activity.
Nutricure Diet - Testimonail 9
New Delhi
Losing weight was difficult for me as i couldn't follow any particular diet plan due to tasteless and limited food options but Nutricure Diet prepared customized diet plan which was easy to adhere as the meals were healthy and nutrition rich. Also my diet was monitored so that the food souces could be changed if it didn't suit my body type for the desired results. The best part of the diet plan was that i never felt starved as diet included meals which were incredibly filling and kept me away from hunger and cravings. I could also workout properly as diet helped in providing sustainable energy throughout my workout. I thank you for being my support as your diet and workout plan helped me achieve my health and fitness goals. I lost 35 Kgs in just 5 months without any health issues or weakness. I feel more active and stronger than before as my fat percentage is lowered without any muscle loss. Thank You so much!!!
Nutricure Diet - Testimonail 9
Being an indian, a very foody person i'm, i love to eat spicy indian culsine, all variety of food items. Living abroad and having spicy tooth with erratic eating habits makes me gain weight and fat. i wanted to loss weight without leaving my favorite food(indian snacks and meals). I got to know about Online diet plan (best part is indian diet plan, homemade), i wanted to join Nutricure Diet by Dt. Kavita Sharma. I started with the plan and told them about my taste and a foody person. With just little changes in lifestyle, eating habits i started losing my extra body weight and fat. I love all the recipes, easy to make with videos. Dt. Kavita Sharma helped me throughout my weight loss journey and slowly and steady i lost 9 kgs of weight in just 90 days. I also enjoyed my indian food, and managed my cravings with diets. Thanks Nutricure diet for the support and the change in my lifestyle.
Nutricure Diet - Testimonail 10
New Delhi
I was suffering from hyper acidity due to overweight and having other medical issues. I was taking medicine for acidity also. I wanted to loss weight and enroll with Online Nutritionist Nutricure Diet by Dt. Kavita Sharma. I started diet plans, easy to make home made dishes. I started losing weight in few days and reduce 7kgs in a month. I was off medication for acidity as well in few weeks, i reduce good percentage of fat with inch loss and feeling very happy & light i'm able to maintain my weight now and eating healthy and quantified. Thanks to Diet Kavita Sharma for her support and services through emails and whatsapp.
Nutricure Diet - Testimonail 11
West Delhi
I was desperately looking to loss weight. As i'm from Aviation Industry, i wanted to maintain a good weight and health. i joined Online Dietitian near my area, Nutricure Diet by Dt Kavita Sharma, the Diet plans were easy to follow as I'm a working woman. I carry my meals to office, i do eat everything as a cheat meal. I enjoyed my favorite veg and non veg meals mosthly home made, and i lost amazingly 8.6kgs in just 30 days without exercise. Now am able to maintain my weight and happy with the results and the services provided by Nutricure Diet. I like all the recipes and videos. She give supports through online chats and WhatsApp group.